April 6, 2008

2008 Predictions - Who got it right/Who got it wrong...

McKeen's Hockey58132710111141261593451531011348261471191210022
The Hockey News65138397114104151211271429315413111851261011025
Chris Boersma28143610741113515129110341421117659128131512828
Public Opinion67124510921413315118151537214411191281061310023
James Mirtle9311861051131421512473125921541318710614119023
David Johnson26124810911413515117381439113211457106121511226
Alain Chantelois57106312111151341498271529414681101331251110423
Gaston Therrien46137310921512514118191527412610181131451311625
Howard Berger58103691111413215127461351021541419113781210625
The Forechecker85139312711014415116298413315611175122141011826
The Puck Stops Here58146111102121331597451441221367110831191510625

It's interesting to look at the picks people got completely wrong and the ones that were picked correctly.
S1: is the sum of all the differences: |predicted standing - actual standing|
S2: is the sum of all the squared differences (square rooted the result) or (predicted standing - actual standing)2


Anonymous said...

Looks like most people were fairly good on the western conference (except Vancouver predictions) but the east was generally way off.

James Mirtle said...

Did I win?

Boy, I had some bad ones...