July 20, 2008

2008-2009 Schedule

TeamDistance (Km)
San Jose Sharks90,489
Calgary Flames85,910
Dallas Stars82,975
Phoenix Coyotes82,684
Vancouver Canucks82,387
Edmonton Oilers80,496
Anaheim Ducks77,714
Colorado Avalanche77,121
Florida Panthers73,638
Los Angeles Kings73,348
Minnesota Wild70,964
Tampa Bay Lightning69,059
Atlanta Thrashers68,316
Columbus Blue Jackets68,222
Nashville Predators66,700
St. Louis Blues66,589
Detroit Red Wings64,088
Chicago Blackhawks63,208
Carolina Hurricanes61,356
Toronto Maple Leafs54,499
New York Rangers52,764
Boston Bruins52,750
Montreal Canadiens52,064
Buffalo Sabres49,361
Philadelphia Flyers47,847
New Jersey Devils47,502
Pittsburgh Penguins47,129
Washington Capitals46,749
Ottawa Senators46,734
New York Islanders45,701

Even with the new schedule, the max travel distance is relatively unchanged from last season when it was about 87,000 Km. It appear that the Pacific conference is taking a lot of plane trips. Vancouver's schedule has a lot of long road trips to minimize travel distance. The Atlantic division will be doing about 20% more travel this season due to the new schedule.