May 25, 2007

Kesler Signed!

On Semptember 14, 2006 I wrote a piece about Kesler being offered a $1.9M dollar contract and how that contract signing would affect his salary over the next 4 years (RFA years). If you add up my three numbers: $1.3M, $1.8M and $2.0M you get an amazing $5.1M, which is $125,000 off of what he actually signed for ($5.25M). The $1.3M figure could've been higher ($1.5...)

As a plug for my new "Hockey Forwards" website:
I have some predictions on about 30 big name free agents. You can bet in the opposite direction of my offer. For example I think Briere will sign for more than $6M, but less than $7M. Don't believe me, then bet against me: that is to say bet that Briere will sign for less than $6M by asking for my bet that he will get more than $6M. If he signs for $6.5M I'll get $0.5, if he signs for $0.5 you'll get $0.5. Of course the site uses fake money, none of this is real. Just like all the other fantasy leagues people join, expect this one works with salary. The more people that participate the better it works.

When you "ask" you expect their salary to be less than your price.
When you "bid" you expect their salary to be greater than your price.
You "win" (or lose) the difference between your price and the price the player signed for.

You can register here. Then start buying (bidding) and selling (asking). Make as many offers as you like, the more offers the better it works.

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