May 19, 2007

Web Developments

Free Agents 2007
I started this site last year with a free agent analysis site. This will continue this summer. Instead of using player contribution like I did last year I've switched over to my more complicated metrics. We'll see how good they are. The team by team long descriptions are from last year and can make for some boring reading about how wrong I was (and how right I was sometimes).

Hockey Futures
The UBC election stock market has been extremely effective in the past and I figured I could adapt it to work with certain hockey variables. The primary variable in the summer is salary and so that's what I'll do until the season starts when I could switch to points or goals. Of course the money isn't real, you get $5000 fake dollars when you register (which is very easy) to bet with. You can either sell (even if you don't own) or buy (debt is free for now) future contracts on salary. To sell or buy you have to make an offer and hope (or pray) that someone agrees to it (kind of like an auction - you always want to pay the lowest price for something, but there's always someone who pushes the price up).

I developed this in one day so it's likely to be a bit buggy. I post this in the hopes that a few people would be bored enough to test to see if it actually works. I set up initial offers on all the stocks on both ends (bid and ask) to give any newcomer a couple options to start with. The pages are not secure so don't use passwords that you would mind others seeing during transmission (stored reasonably securely so I can't just read them). I'm not sure if the pages are self explanatory as I have some "explaining" work to do still, but there isn't that much content so it shouldn't take too long to figure out.

Main thing to know is to go and "Bid" fill in a price (in millions eg. 6 = 6 Million) and a quantity (1-60000). You'll have to choose to buy (bid) or sell (ask) and select a stock from the list (the actual names associated with the players can be seen by hovering your mouse over the codes on the left).

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