June 26, 2009

Top Pair of Forward - Contracts

I was wondering what teams generally pay for their top pairing forwards: the forwards who have the highest number of points per game, so I quickly made a table. The reason I was wondering is to see what sort of contract the Sedin's should qualify for as a pair as opposed to being two individuals. What it looks like is teams generally pay about $5 million per point/gp, so the Sedin pair average about 2 points per game are worth about $10 million per year. Of course you can see by the list, some teams pay more (Ottawa, New York) for their top players on a per point basis, but on average teams pay approximately $5 million. Some comments about the table above
<22 - is one of the top 2 players under 22 (in which case they may still be playing on entry level contract)
<26 - is one of the top 2 players under 26 (would be considered RFA's and have cheaper contracts)
<26$ - 0 if a player is <26 otherwise it is the team's price per point/gp
Sedin? - would the team have cap space and would be interested in paying $10+ million to sign Sedin's. Many teams already have a top pair they are happy with and have no interest in the Sedin's.

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