June 19, 2009

Some goalie statistics...

I have been compiling data since 2003-2004 and felt now was a good time to join it all together in one large database so I can produce statistics that you see below. The tables below include data from playoffs and regular season from 2003-2004 2005-2006 to 2008-2009 (excluding the 2003-2004 playoffs). The database contains over 300,000 shots in over 6000 games.

Top 10 - Total Shots Against.
1Miikka Kiprusoff0.9070.912920880883022
2Roberto Luongo0.9170.9198923723835112
3Martin Brodeur0.9120.918822367873860
4Ryan Miller0.9020.9138201717705-12
5Henrik Lundqvist0.9160.916806068077898
6Tomas Vokoun0.9190.9217513597709112
7Marc-andre Fleury0.9050.90975056826886
8Marty Turco0.9030.9057500713707-6
9Cam Ward0.9090.905732969372835
10Tim Thomas0.9160.919716758066585

Top 10 - Goals Prevented.
1Tomas Vokoun0.9190.9217513597709112
2Roberto Luongo0.9170.9198923723835112
3Henrik Lundqvist0.9160.916806068077898
4Tim Thomas0.9160.919716758066585
5Cristobal Huet0.9160.919545444450763
6Martin Brodeur0.9120.918822367873860
7Dominik Hasek0.9180.915389833239058
8Jonas Hiller0.9270.926230317122554
9J.S. Giguere0.9100.913673858863042
10Niklas Backstrom0.9130.922503039143140

Top 10 - Save Percentage (+3000 shots)
1Niklas Backstrom0.9130.922503039143140
2Tomas Vokoun0.9190.9217513597709112
3Cristobal Huet0.9160.919545444450763
4Roberto Luongo0.9170.9198923723835112
5Tim Thomas0.9160.919716758066585
6Martin Brodeur0.9120.918822367873860
7Henrik Lundqvist0.9160.916806068077898
8Dominik Hasek0.9180.915389833239058
9Manny Fernandez0.9130.915355730433430
10Ilja Bryzgalov0.9050.91456354874958

Top 10 - Shot Quality Neutral Save Percentage (+3000 shots)
1Tomas Vokoun0.9190.9217513597709112
2Dominik Hasek0.9180.915389833239058
3Roberto Luongo0.9170.9198923723835112
4Cristobal Huet0.9160.919545444450763
5Henrik Lundqvist0.9160.916806068077898
6Tim Thomas0.9160.919716758066585
7Niklas Backstrom0.9130.922503039143140
8Manny Fernandez0.9130.915355730433430
9Martin Brodeur0.9120.918822367873860
10J.S. Giguere0.9100.913673858863042

All the data for all goalies can be found here.
SQN - shot quality neutral save percentage - a save percentage that adjusts for the difficulty of the shots (If a goalie faces a lot of easier shots then their SQN will be lower than their save percentage. Similarly, if a goalie faces more difficult shots (rebounds, powerplay, etc.) they will have a higher SQN than their Save percentage
SV - Save percentage = 1-Goals/Shots
S - Shots against
G - Goals against
EG - Expected goals - The number of goals that should be scored against a goalie given how difficult the shot is to stop.
D = EG - G - Goals Prevent - how many goals a goalie stopped compared to how many you would expect him to stop.

UPDATE: As per a request Even Strength statistics:
1Tomas Vokoun8692.393.25761394
2Roberto Luongo6691.893.06507454
3Tim Thomas6091.892.95548393
4Henrik Lundqvist5491.692.56038451
5Dominik Hasek5292.693.32819188
6J Giguere4691.792.84854349
7Martin Brodeur3991.392.66371469
8Kari Lehtonen3691.592.54757359
9Cristobal Huet3091.592.74021294
10Rick Dipietro2191.292.04252340
11Manny Fernandez1891.392.42727207
12Miikka Kiprusoff1790.992.46715508
13Ilja Bryzgalov1591.092.44357330
14Niklas Backstrom1591.192.73948289
15Chris Osgood1090.992.03459278
16Cam Ward990.891.45535475
17Ray Emery990.991.83287268
18Nikolai Khabibulin890.891.44502388
19Martin Gerber690.891.83922323
20Marc-andre Fleury590.792.15562440
21Carey Price490.892.12469195
22Chris Mason390.792.03753299
23Ty Conklin090.692.12137169
24Mathieu Garon-190.691.73274271
25Manny Legace-290.591.62497209
26Jason Labarbera-690.391.52037174
27Alexander Auld-690.391.32510218
28Ed Belfour-790.291.32148187
29Evgeni Nabokov-890.491.85058414
30Ryan Miller-890.492.46288481
31Brent Johnson-890.191.52025173
32Martin Biron-990.491.94870396
33Pascal Leclaire-990.291.62402202
34Dwayne Roloson-1190.491.65316444
35Marty Turco-1290.491.85631463
36Mike Smith-1289.992.02014162
37Vesa Toskala-1590.291.34167361
38Peter Budaj-1890.091.33683320
39Curtis Joseph-2189.790.82720251
40Johan Hedberg-2289.590.82225204
41Antero Niittymaki-2589.790.83264299
42Marc Denis-2989.090.22071203
43Olaf Kolzig-3089.791.23788333
44John Grahame-3188.990.12018199
45Jose Theodore-3789.690.84144380
46Andrew Raycroft-4289.090.43047294


Sunny Mehta said...

this is cool. any way you could show us SV% and SQNSV% at even strength only?

JavaGeek said...


I hope to update my website to let users create their own queries using simple settings. (such as your request). Need to add the plus minus/assist statistics into this new database first.

Sunny Mehta said...

awesome, man. if you're updating your stats site, plz consider adding filters for things like date ranges, team stats by man strength (basic ones like shots for/against, shots directed for/against, S%, SV%, etc), stats during a specific score (i.e. game tied, up/down by one, etc). that would be great.