October 10, 2006

A few interesting Tidbits

In the Canucks last game Trevor Linden received two separate penalties; this is the first time this has happened since I've been recording NHL score sheets (2002). He has recieved two penalties in the same game before however they we were combined for example: In 2003 Linden received a charging call combined with roughing, or 2004 Linden received a double minor for hi-sticking (I guess he cut someone).

Auld, the goalie traded for Luongo, did something few goalies get the opportunity to do and if they do the difficulty is extreme. Auld stopped 47 out of 48 shots, teams have only allowed more than 47 shots in 1 game in the past three years 22 times and 4 have resulted in 1 goal against or less, the four goalies are: Belfour, Luongo, Roloson and Johnson. The expected goals against for Auld last night was 3.6, so the shots were relatively easier than average as Toronto was working on a “shoot a lot” strategy. Auld lost in the shoot-out allowing 2 goals on 3 shots, I guess things average out in the end.

Luongo is already -4.25 (negative means he's stopped more goals then he should've statistically) in terms of expected goals. This should be good for -100 over a season or 18 wins. He’s -4.4 even strength and +0.5 on the penalty kill. In general I would argue this means Luongo has out performed expected values (better than his historical data), so we should see some of these numbers fall (even strength numbers). The PK should be slightly better.

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