October 12, 2006


I’m not sure how many people actually enjoyed using my free agency tracker website I developed over the summer (I certainly used it). Well that website is no longer relevant as free agency is basically dead till next year so I’ve redeployed the same website with the current data. It’s still in development and probably will be until I get a lot of time to get things perfect.

The site records some standard statistics and most importantly displays my shot statistics for each player (no where else in the world do you get that data). I’ve also included point predictions for teams (based on a Pythagorean prediction with expected goals for and goals against) which will be a lot more accurate in a couple weeks. And I’ve separated defenseman from forwards and goalies have their own page. I don't do nightly updates so you might notice some of the data lagging behind other sites. And I cannot guarantee perfect data, simply because the NHL doesn’t keep track of data very well and I make mistakes. Each team has their own page was well. I have my older articles posted there as well, but there is little reading material.

The site is here

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