October 21, 2006

CBS SportsTicker shots vs. NHL official Shots

00:18:20- 6326- DRAPER-
- - - 1003721- N. Lidstrom
00:17:08-1018259172-48-17LIDSTROMN. Lidstrom
00:16:26-7221362141019ZETTERBERGH. Zetterberg
00:15:51-112605424945-25SALOK. Bieksa
00:15:30-1428457270439BIEKSAK. Bieksa
00:15:17-72904228389NASLUNDD. Sedin
00:15:07-7300442931-7SEDINM. Naslund
00:14:12- 31310- NASLUND-
00:14:12-43526034845-20LIDSTROMN. Lidstrom
00:12:1434635846644-21FITZPATRICKB. Morrison
00:09:05- 51661- SALO-
00:09:05-66614065536-10LILJAK. Draper
00:06:29-2813178119-11DATSYUKP. Datsyuk
00:04:550905159055-3DRAPERK. Draper
00:04:45-79226391545-23MITCHELLW. Mitchell
00:01:18-12113429112217-3ZETTERBERGH. Zetterberg
- - - 114436-25- M. Samuelsson
00:00:0501195131195821NASLUNDM. Naslund
00:19:43-312201112171110COOKEM. Cooke
00:17:48-131345121332406LINDENM. Naslund
00:17:35-2134728134560GREENT. Linden
00:16:38-20142222140215-10HUDLERJ. Hudler
00:15:56-26147038144436-12SEDINH. Sedin
00:14:1901541471541294SALOS. Salo
00:14:11-141563131549424WILLIAMSP. Datsyuk
00:14:02-10156836155810-5DATSYUKJ. Williams
00:10:45- 163130- MORRISON-
00:10:45- 171838- ZETTERBERG-
00:10:45-1017651717555-9SCHNEIDERM. Schneider
00:09:26-61840451834354SAMUELSSONM. Samuelsson
00:07:15- 184816- CLEARY-
00:07:15-2119861419656-3HUDLERJ. Hudler
00:06:59-141995121981105ZETTERBERGH. Zetterberg
00:04:05021554421551418ZETTERBERGH. Zetterberg
00:17:12- 237312- FRANZEN-
00:17:12- 249466- NASLUND-
00:17:12-72575502568403KRONVALLN. Kronwall
00:16:08-5263711263238-6SAMUELSSONN. Lidstrom
00:15:41- 264056- LIDSTROM-
00:15:41-3266243265931-28WILLIAMSD. Cleary
00:15:18-626884226822618SAMUELSSONM. Samuelsson
00:10:59-272968112941-27WILLIAMSJ. Williams
00:05:40- 307052- MALTBY-
00:05:40-173277463260430LIDSTROMN. Lidstrom
- - - 33103415- M. Samuelsson
00:02:40-14345468344053-15SALOS. Salo
00:01:17-2235456235233923MARKOVD. Markov

If anyone is wonder how you go about getting these shots to agree, this is how. I should note FT: represents the ft recorded in the NHL play-by-play. T1 is seconds since start of game from NHL official sheets, and T2 is seconds since start of game from CBS SportTicker. Diff is the difference between T1 and T2, X,Y is the cordinates of the shot supplied by CBS (I changed X a little though).

I recently discovered that the official sheets are not even close to 100% accurate with their shot information. For example, Green has a shot recorded 2 seconds after Linden's goal (early second perid), but Linden's goal came off a rebound from Green's shot (2 seconds before). The CBS SportsTicker didn't record Green's shot and the NHL recorded it wrong. Also watching the games it appears that the NHL records extra "marginal" shots that may have appeared to be going wide that the NHL later determined were "on net", how they figure this out I'm not sure. I haven't figured out which figure the NHL play-by-play shot distance or CBS X,Y cords are more accurate yet.

I'm not to sure how the SportTicker stuff is physically done, but it appears shots occur on average well before they physically occur. A good example is J. Williams shot at 2941 (CBS time), that the NHL recorded as 2968 (27 seconds later), that's one great prediction. So I'm curious exactly how they determine the times for the SportsTicker. CBS converts the SportsTicker data (GAME_TIME (Time in Period [As opposed to time remaining on clock])) to time remaining so they could have a mistake in their algoritm (or mine could be wrong). The times recorded of shots appear to be the release time as opposed to the stoppage in play time (when they hit the goaltender).

If anyone has ideas how to make things work better quickly that'd be great.

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