May 11, 2009

Western Conference Semi - Vancouver vs. Chicago

Game 1:53.390.633.287.9
Game 2:31.986.163.684.2
Game 3:33.196.412.890.3
Game 4:
Game 5:21.687.042.387.5
Game 6:53.881.173.786.8
Series [2-4]1914.888.12317.687.8

Game 1: A little disappointing with the Canucks 3rd period, but overall the Canucks showed that when they have to they can win a game.
Game 2: Chicago has been playing extremely well since the 3rd period of game 1. All the Canucks were playing poorly in this game.
Game 3: Many people thought the Canucks were in trouble - I guess not. Much better defensive game for the Canucks. Game 4 should be a much bigger challenge as Chicago wont give the Canucks a 3-1 lead easily.
Game 4: The reason the Canucks chances were so low was that they were leading for most of the game and decided to try and defend their way to a win. That may have been a mistake.
Game 5: Chicago simply out played the Canucks in every area. The Canucks just can't score.

Game 6: After the last couple games it was hard to imagine the Canucks pulling this off a series come back. It seemed like every player went down tonight. Hard to pick out a good one on the Canucks. But Chicago, just kept coming and played hard and were very fast (quick passes) all over the ice. Also, I believe this is Luongo's second 7 goals against in one night game in his entire NHL career, the last one occured on January 4, 2000 (the game before that he had 9 goals against). Not the best night to have your worst game...

Even Strength
Power Play

As you can see by the above table and prediction, this should be a very close series. Both teams have great goaltending and steady offense.


JLikens said...

Vancouver has played well so far and haven't had to over-rely on Luongo either.

Their special teams have looked great.

Sunny Mehta said...

yeah i thought luongo was pretty crappy tonight.