May 14, 2009

Western Conference Semi - Detroit vs. Anaheim.

Game 1:33.588.221.791.4
Game 2:34.589.243.793.3
Game 3:14.493.523.197.7
Game 4:63.687.532.486.1
Game 5:43.390.011.090.9
Game 6:
Game 7:43.690.033.088.9
Series [4-3]2226.190.41717.892.3

Game 1: We all knew Detroit would be a offensive powerhouse in this series. Hiller just needs to play a little better. Unlike San Jose, Detroit knows they have to get the puck up to score on Hiller.
Game 2: That's one long game. Looks like Anaheim's strategy is to stay out of the box. The few penalties they had were considered non-calls by NBC.
Game 3: Hiller!
Game 4: Did you really think Detroit would only win 1 game. Don't worry Anaheim's stifling defense will be back.
Game 5: Now that's the Detroit we've been missing!
Game 6: Classic Ducks hockey...
Game 7: Luck wasn't on the Ducks this season. Great game 7 action.

Even Strength
Power Play

Detroit gets another shot at the 2007 Conference Final match up where Anaheim defeated Detroit. However, the tables have turned slightly since then, Anaheim was in 2nd in the Conference and now they're in 8th. But they were able to beat the President's Trophy winners.

Osgood has a amazing first round, but Anaheim should be a handful for the Detroit Red Wings. They're goaltending will frustrate the Wings. Sounds like a fun series.

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Itlan said...

How does the Ducks defense rate a 4 out of 10?? Ducks top 5 defensemen = Skeeter, Pronger, Beauchemin, The Wiz, Whitney. Number 6, Brookbank. Granted, the talent drops off on the depth chart, but Festerling and Mikkelson are good fill in guys who spent a good number of games with the team this season.