March 15, 2008

Shot Quality 2008

As at least one person noticed I made a few major adjustments to my shot quality model. Some people may have noticed Detroit shots weren't scoring as often as the model predicted this year. As it turns out all of Detroits shots that were deemed "high quality" occurred at home, likely meaning the home scorer are measuring and evaluating shots differently than most teams (shots were deemed 40% more likely to go in then they should have). The Islanders were in a similar situation (possibly sharing scorers from the Rangers). The Rangers were still be under adjusted from previous seasons so I bumped that one a little bit more.

I removed a few minor factors from other teams that appeared to hurt rather than help the model. As a result, Detroits goaltending looks a lot worse (makes sense, since Hasek is 40+ and Osgood is not known as an amazing goalie). I was disappointed to DiPietro's numbers fall, but that's how it will have to be for now.

You can see the changes @ my site.

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