March 7, 2008

Detailed shift charts - 2008

Some people may remember my old detailed shift charts from last season. The goal of these charts is to show who is just a part of a strong (or weak team) and who is making a difference (either positive or negative).

If all you care about are results than just look at the last row called average for the player you are interested in. 1.14 suggests the player scores (or has scored against him) 14% more goals then one would be expected when you consider who he plays with. Similarly, 0.86 suggest the player scores (or has scored against him) 14% fewer goals then one would expect when you consider who he plays with. Remember these are only for even strength. For example Daniel Sedin has 9% more goals then one would expect and 14% fewer goals against.

Here's the data:
Vancouver Canucks
Minnesota Wild
Edmonton Oilers
Colorado Avalanche
Calgary Flames
St. Louis Blues
Nashville Predators
Detroit Red Wings
Columbus Blue Jackets
Chicago Blackhawks
San Jose Sharks
Phoenix Coyotes
Los Angeles Kings
Dallas Stars
Anaheim Ducks
New Jersey Devils
New York Islanders
New York Rangers
Philadelphia Flyers
Pittsburgh Penguins
Boston Bruins
Buffalo Sabres
Montreal Canadiens
Ottawa Senators
Toronto Maple Leafs
Atlanta Thrashers
Carolina Hurricanes
Florida Panthers
Tampa Bay Lightning
Washington Capitals

A quick explanation of the short forms:
  • Time% - this represents the percentage of the row player's ice time that column player played with the row player. [(row and column time)/(row time)]
  • +% - this represents the percentage of the row player's goals for that column player had with the row player [(row and column goals for)/(row goals for)]
  • -% - this represents the percentage of the row player's goals against that column player had with the row player [(row and column goals against)/(row goals against)]
  • +R = +%/Time%
  • -R = -%/Time%
  • Time measured in seconds.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this stuff looks amazing JG. Couple questions...

1) Why do some of these numbers correlate so poorly with stats on Behind The Net and your own Hockey Numbers Stat site.

For example, Johnny Oduya leads the Devils in Player Ranking on BTN, and he leads the Devils in EVD and VAL on your site. However, according to these numbers, he's not even close to first on the team, and in fact he's slightly negative (+2% on offense but -3% on defense).

2) Is there any way you could put some of this info in sortable list form? It'd be cool to easily be able to compare different players' averages.

3) Are there any interesting or noteworthy things that you personally see?

Couple things I see just from browsing...

Ovechkin doesn't even appear to be the best player on the Capitals. (See Backstrom.)

I'm surprised Lidstrom's averages aren't more dominant.

Zetterberg and Datsyuk are freakin' awesome.

Anonymous said...

It appears D.Sedin, Jere Lehtinen, and perhaps others are even more amazing. Who are the leaders in offense, defense, and differential?

slipper said...

Interesting table JG.

I was wondering whether you have compiled the average shot distance against while specific players are on the ice, and whether that's available anywhere on your stats it?

JavaGeek said...

RE: N.J Oduya
A huge portion of Oduya's great stats come while playing with Martin. All his other defensive pairings Oduya was either even or negative.

Martin on the other hand has made almost every player better defensively.

Interestingly Martin was drafted #62 overall where as Oduya was drafted #221 overall (one year later).

RE: Leaders
I'll have something up sooner or later (takes a long time to re-process all the tables).