February 27, 2008

Stuart and Bergeron

Stuart was traded for two RFA's (1st round pick Kobasew and 6th round Ferrence) last season. LA practically gave him away for a third round draft pick from Detroit this season. I have a strange feeling Stuart wont be coming back to LA in the summer...

Last season, Bergeron was shipped along with a third round pick for the first round pick Grebeshkov. This season he was stolen from the Islanders for a Third round pick (Essentially the Islanders got two third round draft picks for Grebeshkov and the services of Bergeron for a year).

As an aside, I recently wrote an article about Stuart's winning percentage. Now Stuart has a real good team to play on and a chance to improve his winning percentage, but don't count on it. Detroit should be able to better protect him and use him less compared to his past teams (Stuart will probably rank 4th on Detroit's depth chart when the team is healthy) and this should help him improve his game.

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