February 13, 2008

Stillman for Corvo...

First off, this trade appears to be started by the Carolina Hurricanes. If you take a look through all the NHL teams at this time, Carolina’s top defenseman has the fewest points for a team’s top D-man (12). In fact Commodore is 1 of 4 defenseman with 12 points. The next worse team’s top D-man has 17 points and most teams have 1 defenseman who has at least 24 points. Carolina was in desperate need for a offensive defenseman. The problem for Carolina, not many teams give up their offensive defenseman very quickly. If Carolina wants to have a good chance to make the playoffs they need a decent offensive defenseman. Carolina asked for Corvo, Ottawa then asked for Stillman. The rest of the deal is simply making up for lost players (Ottawa needed to replace a defenseman and Carolina needed to replace a forward). Neither player is really a critical part of the team.

A lot of people like to point to one team and say they won in this trade, but in this situations both teams got what they needed without giving up something they really needed to keep. Carolina needed Corvo and Stillman was ranked 4th on the team in points, he isn't the most important part of Carolina's offense. Corvo, also has more points for Ottawa than the top two Carolina defenseman combined, but Ottawa still has Redden's offense and Meszaros isn't too far behind Corvo.

Either way it was a good deal for both teams. Like most trades should do, it made both teams better off.


Anonymous said...

Ottawa was happy to get rid of Corvo as well and Corvo was happy to get out. Corvo never really fit in in Ottawa and had asked to be traded several times. He finally got his wish.

But don't discount Commodore. His size and physical play are also something Ottawa really wanted. Coach Paddock and GM Murray on several occasions commented on how their team has been soft in front of their own goal and Commodore will help in that area.

In the short term Ottawa comes out ahead because Stillman and Commodore are probably better than Eaves and Corvo but the Hurricanes did quite well getting two secondary players who will contribute in their playoff push this year and for the next several years.

T.C. said...

Whatever calculations Carolina had in the equation was blown to bits as a result of Brind'Amour's injury.