September 12, 2007

Travel Schedule

1Chicago Blackhawks63634401007
2New York Islanders6339587628
3New York Rangers6343336688
4Ottawa Senators6348097763
5Toronto Maple Leafs6349275782
6Pittsburgh Penguins6242485685
7Buffalo Sabres6243241697
8Atlanta Thrashers6260166970
9Tampa Bay Lightning62632171020
10St. Louis Blues61657251077
11Detroit Red Wings6159510976
12Columbus Blue Jackets61674141105
13Philadelphia Flyers6142989705
14New Jersey Devils6038815647
15Florida Panthers60618781031
16Washington Capitals6040934682
17Colorado Avalanche59758721286
18Boston Bruins5942769725
19Montreal Canadiens5944683757
20Vancouver Canucks58874401508
21Phoenix Coyotes58726931253
22Los Angeles Kings58699151205
23Carolina Hurricanes5844879774
24Nashville Predators57637751119
25San Jose Sharks57688691208
26Dallas Stars57676041186
27Anaheim Ducks57665211167
28Edmonton Oilers56830361483
29Minnesota Wild55678211233
30Calgary Flames55731801331
Here's the details on this season's schedule. Trips = number of days the team will be on a plane traveling between cities for an NHL game. KM = total kilometers to travel over the course of the upcoming season. KM/trip is just the average trip distance.

You can see the NHL does a pretty good job balancing the schedule. Also, there is a significant relationship between average trip length number of days on a plane.

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