August 8, 2007

Good unsigned players.

Every year it seems GM’s deliberately pass over certain players. Some players have chosen to sign in Europe instead and I will ignore them. I’m not about to debate their value or discuss who should sign them. I’m simply posting for the reason of wonder: why the heck aren’t teams interested in signing these guys:

1. Brent Sopel

Brent Sopel is at the peak of his career (30 years old) and cannot find a job. With 434 games played and 181 points (0.42). To put those statistics into perspective, Souray has 186 points in 506 games (0.37). I suspect Sopel is looking for more money than he’s worth. That being said, I’m surprised Sopel hasn’t conceded and accepted an offer.

2. Jeff O’Neil

31 year old Jeff O’Neil has 821 games under his belt (only 34 playoff games though) and has 237 goals and 259 assists totaling 496 points. Not bad for a guy who’s only played about 60% of his career. In 2000-2001 he scored 41 goals, lately he’s only got about 20 per season. He may be expecting too much in this year’s contract, but it’s certainly a surprise to see a young effective forward being left out of the game.

3. Danny Markov

31 year old Markov has done quite well for himself as a defensive defenseman. Many are shying away though due to the fact he got paired with Lidstrom last year. Markov has 538 games experience with an average of 10 games per playoff appearance. +47 in his career for many different teams. However Markov has had success with many different teams in his career and Detroit was simply another one. Word on the street is that Markov has given up trying to find a contract in the NHL and is being courted by Vityaz Chekhov, a Russian Superleague team.

4. Mike Johnson

32 year old Mike Johnson has been left high and dry, as he is likely looking for more money than he’s worth. A consistent half point per game contributor he’s worth signing at the right price.

5. Anson Carter

I’m not surprised he hasn’t been signed as he is likely looking for significantly more than he’s worth. However, if one looks at his record (421 points in 674 games) he may be well worth the risk.

It seems that the trend here may be that all these players are expecting a lot more than they’re worth. Once they concede to their true value it probably wont be hard for them to get a contract.


hardyvan said...

Sopel is a defensive liability, needs too much playing time to put up points, his value would be worth maybe around 750k to a team don;t know if his ego would accept that.

Anson Carter would have been a great fit in Vancouver for around 750k, he produced at a better clip than Taylor Pyatt who is not worth $3 million over 2 years.

Yes i know carter is not a long term fix, Grabner might be if he develops, but any team that has Pyatt on their 1st line is not going to win a Stanley Cup

Markov, O'Neil and Markov still have their value but teams might want to sign them for just one year or less at their ages and once again their egos might not be able to handle that.

Some of these guys might eventually head for Europe to wind down their carrers with less wear and tear, travel and games

Cheers Hardy

JavaGeek said...

Markov and O'Neil are 31, their age shouldn't be an issue