August 14, 2007

Auld takes pay cut to try and prove that he is #1

Auld has signed where I expected him to sign: Phoenix. He signed for $600,000, a significant pay cut from last season. Phoenix had huge goaltending problems last season and the only remnant left from last season is Tellqvist. They now have one legitimate career backup [Tellqvist ] and two goalies who haven't been able to prove they are number one goaltenders on their previous team. Tellqvist may no longer be necessary however, there are often early season goaltending problems for at least one team and Phoenix will be nicely set up for a early season trade if that is the case.

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Anonymous said...

If I had to place a bet I'd say Aebischer starts, Auld backs up and Tellqvist ends up in the minors. They also have David LeNeveu who they view as their goalie of the future and if he plays well could slowly move into the #1 role at some point in the season.