November 17, 2010

Gregory Campbell & Referees

After reading a little bit about the mess Colin Campbell put himself in. I couldn't help but wonder a few things:
- Did Dean Warren know Colin was out to get him when he refereed Campbell's son's game?
- How many other times has Colin asked Stephen to discuss a call about his son with the referee who called it?
- Do the referees think that these calls could impact their employment/advancement?
- Are there other player's that result in similar concerns from Colin?

With that said, I compiled a quick list of the number of games that referees were involved in with Gregory Campbell (GP) and the number of calls against Gregory Campbell in those games. (ERR = 2 standard deviations of the Call%).

There's a little more variation in these results than would be expected, especially since these results should be less variable (due to the fact the NHL uses 2 refs and they are randomly matched). I don't really want to say more than that, but interestingly, Stephen has 0 calls against Greg. Kerry and Dean have the most and they're gone (although I don't think that Kerry's retirement had anything to do with Colin's son).

In the AHL Gregory averaged 1.37 Penalty minutes per game, in the NHL he's averaged 0.92. Although I believe it is common to have fewer penalties in the NHL compared to the AHL.

Update: Sorry, I just loved this exchange on TSN:
Duthie: But, do you believe the emails to former referee-in-chief Stephen Walkom were inappropriate?
Campbell: No they weren't inappropriate...
Campbell: Well, it is inappropriate.

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