July 14, 2010

Northeast Expectations - 2010

I'm still tweaking these, but this is a start. I've adjusted my technique. I've pulled 5 years worth of data to generate these tables. The "young" player problem still exists (because I lack data to differentiate between a good 19 year old or a average 19 year old).

Name [GFScore@EV, GAScore@EV]

I've separated out PP & PK now. However these values are based on the player's past performance over the last 5 years. The first 7 rows only included EV goals. there are still some bugs, which I am working on (I have to find all of them first).

Note: the percentage besting the team's name is the percentage of salary cap used.

The little arrows indicate whether there is a substantial change in the team's expected points from last season (more than 10 difference).

Note: These include RFA's who haven't signed yet.


Unknown said...

you have atlanta up instead of toronto

JavaGeek said...

I knew I shouldn't have done this 5 minutes before going to work.