July 17, 2009

Southeast Expecations - 2009

I tried these little tables last season with a little success (and some failures). That being said, I think these tables give a good impression (even if you don't like how the numbers line up) of what each team will look like. I've color coded this year: red = 10% below average for that category. Green = 10% above average for that category. I've excluded PK, Goaltending though.

The little arrows indicate whether there is a substantial change in the team's expected points from last season (more than 10 difference).

Note: These include RFA's who haven't signed yet.


Scott Reynolds said...

This is really good stuff. I just wanted to throw out a couple of housekeeping items:

Is Colby Armstrong (Atl) really considered a replacement player by your ranking system? That seems very strange.

Bryan Allen (Fla) is missing from the chart, probably because he was injured nearly all of last season.

Steve Eminger (Fla) is an unrestricted free agent.

Scott Reynolds said...

Sorry to be a nag... I just checked the total number of points being given out and the figure seems a bit high. Right now you've got 2889 total points projected compared to 2742 actual points given out last season, which means you're projecting an extra 147 overtime games from this year to last. I think the predictions may just be a touch high since they don't take injuries into account (not that I would expect them to do so). In other words, everyone's total is 4-6 points higher than the actual expectation if they have an average number of injuries. Is this your intent?