April 27, 2009

West - Sharks vs. Ducks

Game 1:03.183.321.2100
Game 2:25.591.733.696.4
Game 3:43.891.933.789.5
Game 4:03.188.542.6100
Game 5:37.191.322.395.8
Game 6:13.389.243.797.0
Series [2-4]1025.990.11817.196.1

Game 1: Where's Thornton? Anaheim played hard and were rewarded, but had only 1.2 EG!
Game 2: Another lopsided affair where the weaker team gets the "W" as a result of amazing goaltending. Although Anaheim looked a lot more organized and control the front of their net.
Game 3: As I said, without great goaltending Anaheim doesn't stand a chance.
Game 4: The lost battle by Thornton that resulted in the 3-0 goal says it all.
Game 5: This was Hiller's game, too bad they lost
Game 6: Anaheim completes the upset. Thornton gives away the puck in the third again. And a lost icing racing and battle along the boards puts the final nail in the coffin.

Even Strength
Power Play

The Ducks are in an interesting spot: Giguere has been the playoff hero many times over (playoff stats: 33-17, 2.16GA, 93%). However, Hiller has been the better goalie this season, putting Anaheim in an awkward spot. If there's a goaltender conflict early in the series then this series could end very quickly. It looks like Hiller will start the series (he's played in the last 9 games), if he fails or struggles Giguere will quickly replace him and take over. Anaheim can't keep up with San Jose's offense so they will need great goaltending.


JLikens said...

Tough break for the Sharks.

They've badly outshot Anaheim over the first two games, yet come away with nothing.

Earl Sleek said...

Game 3: As I said, without great goaltending Anaheim doesn't stand a chance.You show G3 expected goals as nearly equivalent -- seems there's some chance there.

JavaGeek said...

What I'm trying to say, is that if these games go into the 3+ goals per game category Anaheim will lose the series. In order to win Hiller has to keep GA to 2 or fewer against San Jose.

Although after Game 4, it looks like Anaheim can keep up the scoring...