September 4, 2008

Popular opinion Standings...

Courtesy of James Mirtle, I have a teams predicted standings based on the average Jamed Mirtle's readers opinion. You can see both the west coast and east coast polls.

A few interesting notes:
West: Nashville & Colorado made the playoffs last year (Vancouver close behind) none of which are even close to 30%. I'm a little surprised to see Vancouver so unpopular. Edmonton seems to have made some major strides, but I'm not sure they've come far enough yet. We'll of course find out shortly. Almost everyone thinks Detroit will make the playoffs.

East: Boston??? Ok I don't keep up enough with the east. I have nothing to say.


Stevens8204 said...

Pittsburgh 2nd???

Just is not going to happen. Too many lost players and too many injuries....humpty dumpty could take a pretty big fall this year. Great numbers as always Java...I understand that is what you go by.

Anonymous said...

what about bergeron being healthy? thats an extra 70-80 points at least.