January 29, 2008

South East Division Race

The race to win this competitive division is the challenging 86 point mark. No one team has taken the reigns of the lucrative position that takes the team from 9th place to 3rd. On the surface the race appears to be Washington vs. Carolina and it would appear that is Washington's to lose as Carolina is -20 in the last two month, in the same time Washington is a decent (for the South East) +7. I almost though Florida would join Washington with, but they were only able to get two regulation wins in January, which soured their chances substantially. If anyone thinks Atlanta will make the playoffs, then they're wrong. If Tampa Bay gets a real goaltender they might have a chance, but don't count on it.

So in conclusion, this race is Washington's to lose, but it's still close and any team could get the spot, by just being average.

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