December 30, 2007


My statistics site was getting way too many columns that I found it necessary to make a few changes. The biggest change is that I grouped my statistics into two categories: one for goals and one for shots. At this time I also changed the code that is behind the scenes as it would make future changes easier. These changes made it possible to highlight the sorted column and also add/delete columns easily as I see fit. You will note these changes in the team pages as well as the forward and defense pages.

Another feature I decided to add is a items to display per page options. I have always only shown 30 items per page; now there is the option of showing more. Please only use ALL if you really need to see all the players as it can be a bit slow. I also allow users to sort by ice time per game, second assists (in the shooting statistics section).

I also added the requested column: average shot distance (only for even strength). You can also see how many shots/game each player gets (or shots/60 min)

If there are any problems with the site, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

awesome!....thanks for having the best hockey stats website on the internet....

Anonymous said...

The new changes look great. It would be nice if you could update your glossary to explain all the current stat columns.

T.C. said...

Where can I reach you, Chris?

JavaGeek said...

hockeynumbers at

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for this wonderful statistics site! What is the pourcentage at the bottom left for goalies? (50% for Calgary)

JavaGeek said...

Sorry for not responding quicker.

Explanation of bottom percentage:

W% = percentage of wins backups received (0% for Calgary)
T% = percentage of total icetime for backups (4.9% for Calgary)

Ideally W% should equal T%. That is to say a goalie who players 75% of the games should have 75% of the wins.

To get the bottom percentage:
T%/(T%+W%)-50% = bottom number

So for Calgary: 4.9%/(4.9%+0%)-50% = 50%.

As W% increases for the backups, the bottom number decreases. If T% = W%, then the bottom percentage = 0. If W% > T% then you get a negative bottom percentage. This negative means the backups are doing better than their number one.

eg. Garon/Roloson
W% = 65%, T% = 51.7%
.517/(.65+.517)-0.50 = -5.7%

#1 goalie is determined by who faced the most shots.