October 23, 2007


It's been an interesting season for goaltending. A number of goaltenders moved in the off season, which of course changes the style of defense for the goalies who move. However, there have been other surprise as well:

Vancouver: Luongo - 0.896, slow start
Minnesota: Seems every goalie on Minnesota does well, but are they actually good?
Calgary: Kiprosoff doesn't look so good without the nice defense in front.
Nashville: Rolled the dice and lost - Mason is no Vokoun.
Blue Jackets: Leclaire may actually be the real deal...
Pheonix: Sent down Aebischer who has their best save percentage. Auld and Tellqvist vie for #1, need I say more
L.A: Found out how to win when all you have is AHL goaltending - Allow 17 shots.
N.J: No defense - No Brodeur...
Philadelphia: Why was Biron used as a backup last season?
Pittsiburg: Don't worry Fleury is still the same goalie he was last year, except with a bit more experience.
Boston: Did Fernandez hide behind Minnesota's defense?
Toronto: One more bad game for Raycroft and he might see some AHL action...
Atlanta: Don't blame the goalies please.
Florida: This team need a lot more than decent goaltending to do well.
Tampa: No changes from last year - still bad goaltending, but great offense.


The Puck Stops Here said...

LeClaire is the Blue JACKETS goalie

Anonymous said...

why didn't you put your input on every team, and devils are doing well now, he doesn't need an amazing defense, just one that works together.