April 12, 2007

Long OT

As a Cunacks fan I got to watch all 5 and a half hours of Dallas driving to the net and getting shots on Luongo with a couple periodic and typical Cancuck cycles down low with little success until the 5th OT, when the Sedin's cycle resulted in a decent goal. Here are a few tidbits that I noticed.
  • Luongo may have faced the most shots on net in a hockey game. (Can someone who has a nice historical DB check? - I only checked a few of the long OT games, but there's probably a short OT game that had a lot of shots.)
  • This was the longest 9 goal game by fair.
  • Turco has been involved in two very long OTs, he lost both, but also has a bad save percentage for long ot's 50/54 in 2003 and 51/56 in 2007. = 101/110 = 0.918, compared to Luongo's 0.947.
"I got all the experience I needed in one game," said Loungo, who finished one save short of Kelly Hrudey's playoff record.

Which of course means Luongo saw more shots against than Hrudey (76 vs. 75) and that the Canucks allowed the most shots against in a playoff game in the history of the NHL.

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Earl Sleek said...

Luongo certainly has the most saves of any goaltender making his playoff debut. I know that's not the question you asked, but I remember that Giguere set that record in 2003 with 63 saves (3OT).

Interestingly, both goaltenders made 36 saves during OT--Jiggy's 20 saves in one OT period still stands as a record.

Sorry, I'm not really answering anything, just stuff I know off the top of my head.