March 31, 2007

Upcoming Playoff Series Summary

Ok, so it's a little early, but I got to make sure my code is working for the playoffs before they start. And it's fun to anticipate the post-season.

And the other 7 series. If you go to the web page you will see all 7 series as if they have already been determined, however there is still a lot of variability in the possible match-ups and it wont be until the regular season we will know for sure, but these current match-ups are the current best guesses.

I made these last year, they have information many other sites don't share or know. The primary interesting numbers on the right (record, GF, GA) come only from games in which both teams made the playoffs. So games against non-playoff teams are excluded. It should also be noted that shoot-out win goals and empty nets are not counted. The F,D,G numbers are just a score out of 10 that I give to different parts of the game: Forwards (F), Defense (D) and Goaltending (G). So Vancouver I gave a perfect 10 to goaltending and consider the defense and offense a bit above average. San Jose has excellent forwards and defense and a bit above average goaltending. The current F,D,G numbers are preliminary estimates and are probably not very good. If someone wants to suggest F,D,G values for a certain playoff team let me know in the comments.

The big % number on the left represents the odds that team wins the series based on my current regulation data and performances throughout the regulation season (primarily goal differential). And the top-left is the current season series record. As the series record changes so do the odds so these will be updated nightly. The San Jose - Vancouver series doesn't seem to be a good one for Vancouver, as the home team (Vancouver) has only a 43% chance of winning based on regular season performance.

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